How to Pay Temu In Family Mart Japan

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**How to Pay for TEMU Orders at Family Mart in Japan**

Online shopping has become incredibly convenient, with platforms like TEMU emerging to provide a vast array of products at competitive prices. While diverse payment options are typically offered online, some shoppers prefer or require making payments in person. For consumers in Japan, one notable convenience store chain, Family Mart, offers a solution. Let’s dive into how shoppers in Japan can pay for their TEMU orders at Family Mart locations.

**Step-by-Step Guide to Paying for TEMU Orders at Family Mart**

**1. Shop Online at TEMU**

Begin by browsing the TEMU website or the app. Once you’ve filled your cart with desired items, proceed to the checkout process. During the checkout process, you will be given various payment options.

**2. Choose the Pay-easy / Konbini Payment Option**

TEMU will typically offer payment options that include credit cards, PayPal, and convenience store payments – the latter referred to as Pay-easy (ペイジー) or Konbini payment. Select this option to generate a payment code specific to your order.

**3. Record the Payment Code**

Upon selecting the Pay-easy option, you will be presented with a payment code or payment slip that you need to take note of. This code is critical as it will be used to identify and process your order at Family Mart.

**4. Visit Your Nearest Family Mart**

Within the specified time frame, usually within a couple of days from making your online order, visit any Family Mart convenience store. Ensure you remember to bring the payment code you were given during the checkout process.

**5. Use the FamiPort Terminal**

Family Mart is equipped with multifunctional kiosks called FamiPort terminals. Access this terminal and choose the relevant option for making a payment for online shopping. You’ll need to enter the payment code you received while ordering from TEMU.

**6. Confirm the Payment Details**

The FamiPort terminal will display the details of your order for confirmation. Check to ensure that the information shown on the screen matches your TEMU order details. This typically includes the order total and the items you are purchasing.

**7. Print the Payment Slip**

Once you’ve confirmed the payment details, the terminal will print out a payment slip. Take this slip and proceed to the cash register.

**8. Pay at the Register**

Hand over your payment slip to the Family Mart cashier and pay the amount due. You can pay in cash or use any other payment method accepted by Family Mart. Once the payment is processed, the cashier will give you a receipt—which you should keep until your order arrives.

**9. Wait for Confirmation**

After completing the payment at Family Mart, TEMU will typically send you a confirmation message (either via email or through the TEMU app) acknowledging the receipt of your payment.

**10. Receive Your Order**

All you need to do after payment confirmation is to wait for your order to be delivered to your chosen address.

**Benefits of Paying for TEMU Orders at Family Mart**

– **Accessibility**: Family Mart’s widespread presence in Japan means you’re unlikely to be far from a payment location.

– **Security**: Paying in cash reduces the risk associated with exposing credit card details online.

– **Flexibility**: Payments can be made at any time during Family Mart’s operating hours, which are often round-the-clock.


Paying for TEMU orders via Family Mart in Japan is a seamless process that caters to those who prefer offline transactions or might not have access to online payment methods. With just a few simple steps, you can make a secure payment at any of the many Family Mart stores throughout Japan. Always ensure to keep your payment receipt until the order has been fully processed, and you’ve received your items. This collaborative system between online retailers like TEMU and convenience stores like Family Mart represents the bridging of digital shopping with the traditional retail experience, providing a comprehensive service for consumers of all preferences.