How Does Temu Make Money Reddit

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Title: Understanding Temu’s Business Model: How the Platform Makes Money, According to Reddit

As the online shopping arena evolves, newer platforms are emerging to challenge the dominance of established e-commerce giants. One of these is Temu, the North American arm of Pinduoduo, China’s second-largest e-commerce company by number of users. With its unique approach to online retail, Temu has captured the attention of consumers looking for deep discounts on a vast array of products. But, how does Temu make money? This article delves into insights shared by the Reddit community and discusses this company’s revenue strategies.

**Market Penetration via Aggressive Pricing**

One of the strategies Temu employs that Reddit users have pointed out is market penetration via aggressive pricing. Temu offers products at seemingly unsustainable discounts. This has allowed it to quickly attract a large number of users and establish a foothold in the competitive e-commerce landscape. The low pricing strategy is often used as a loss leader to gain market share before eventually raising prices once a solid customer base has been established.

**Commission on Sales**

The most straightforward way Temu makes money is by taking a commission on the sales made through its platform. While not officially disclosed, it is standard practice for e-commerce platforms to charge a fee to sellers for each transaction. These fees typically range from 5% to 20% depending on the category of goods sold. Reddit users speculate that Temu follows a similar model but might use lower commission rates as an initial strategy to attract and retain sellers in its early growth stages.

**Advertising and Promotional Services**

Another typical revenue stream for e-commerce platforms is charging sellers for advertising and promotional services. Temu, like most online marketplaces, provides sponsored listings and banner advertising spots that can boost a seller’s visibility among potential customers. By capitalizing on its growing traffic, Temu can generate significant income by helping sellers promote their products, a model that Reddit’s savvy e-commerce followers are familiar with.

**Cross-Border E-Commerce Efficiency**

Redditors have also highlighted Temu’s background link to Pinduoduo and its implications for profitability. By leveraging supply chain efficiencies and bulk purchasing from manufacturers, especially in China where production costs can be lower, Temu can offer products at reduced prices while still making a profit. The platform’s connection to a vast network of suppliers through Pinduoduo enables it to streamline logistics and reduce overhead costs, leading to better margins even with low consumer prices.

**Potential Future Monetization Strategies**

Navigating through various Reddit threads, one can find speculation about Temu’s long-term monetization strategies. These might include introducing subscription-based models, similar to Amazon’s Prime service, or creating a proprietary payment system that would generate additional revenue through processing fees. While these are presently speculative, they represent possible directions for Temu’s revenue growth.


With its aggressive pricing and a comprehensive range of products, Temu has captured significant attention among online shoppers. According to the collective wisdom on Reddit, while the platform emphasizes market penetration through low prices, it is believed to employ typical e-commerce revenue strategies like sales commissions and advertising fees. Coupled with Pinduoduo’s expertise in supply chain management, Temu can minimize costs and maximize profit margins. Though officially stated figures are scarce, the analysis of Reddit users provides insight into the possible mechanisms behind Temu’s business model. As the platform continues to grow, it will be interesting to observe which strategies will play a pivotal role in its path to profitability.