How Can I Block Temu Ads On My Android

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When you’re using your Android device, encountering an abundance of ads can be frustrating, especially if they’re disruptive or irrelevant to your interests. Recently, you may have noticed an increase in ads for an app or platform called Temu, which is an online marketplace. If you’re looking to block these ads, there are several steps you can take to reduce or eliminate their presence on your Android device.

**How to Block Temu Ads on an Android Device**

**1. Adjust Google Ad Settings:**

One of the first steps in reducing ads, including Temu ads, is to adjust your Google Ads settings since many ads are served through Google’s advertising network.

– Open your Google Account settings in your browser or through the Google Settings app on your Android device.

– Navigate to ‘Ads’ settings and click on ‘Ad personalization’.

– From there, you can turn off ad personalization. This won’t stop ads from appearing but might reduce relevancy, so you might see fewer Temu ads.

– You can also opt out of ads personalization for your Google account, which affects all devices where your account is used.

**2. Use an Adblocker:**

Ad blockers can be an effective way to stop ads, including Temu ads. However, Google Play Store’s policies restrict ad blockers, so you might need to source them outside the Play Store.

– One well-known ad blocker is Adblock Plus, which you can download directly from its website.

– You can also try other adblockers like AdGuard, which is available for Android as a standalone application.

– Note that some ad blockers require you to configure your network settings or set up a VPN to filter ads.

**3. Install a Browser with Ad-Blocking Capability:**

If Temu ads are mainly bothering you while browsing:

– Consider switching to a browser that has built-in ad-blocking features such as Brave, Mozilla Firefox with the uBlock Origin add-on, or Samsung Internet with its built-in ad blocking capabilities.

– Configure the browser settings to activate ad-blocking.

**4. Opt-Out via the Temu App or Website:**

If you have the Temu app installed or have an account on their website:

– Go to the settings section of your account.

– Look for ad preferences or privacy settings.

– See if there’s an option to opt out of personalized or targeted ads.

**5. Limit Ad Tracking on Your Device:**

Android includes a setting to opt-out of ad tracking, which can reduce the number of targeted ads you receive.

– Go to ‘Settings’ on your device.

– Tap on ‘Google’ and then ‘Ads’.

– Activate ‘Opt out of Ads Personalization’.

**6. Check for Application-Specific Settings:**

Some apps have their own ad settings.

– If Temu ads are appearing in a specific app, check the app’s settings or preferences to see if there’s an option to disable ads or if there is a paid version without ads.

**7. Uninstall Temu App:**

If the Temu app is the source of ads:

– Consider uninstalling the app from your device entirely if you no longer wish to use its services.


While ads can be a way for free apps or platforms to generate revenue, you have the ability to control your ad experience to some extent. Blocking Temu ads on your Android device involves a mix of adjusting settings, installing third-party applications, and being proactive about your privacy. Keep in mind, however, that some free services might require you to tolerate some level of advertising to sustain their business model. Always check the terms of service and privacy policies to be informed about the implications of using ad-blocking techniques.